THE COMPANY PHAGE CONSULTANTS was crated to help companies, which production is based on bacterial activities to fight with and prevent from bacteriophage infection.

Phage infections may be very destructive in bioprocesses for a company's productivity. Based on our research we propose different ways of assistance - from personnel training, through consulting and process optimization in aspect of phage growth limitation, to assistance in projecting new facilities. All people involved in Phage Consultants activities are experts in the field of bacteriophage biology with special emphasis on bacteriophages in bioprocesses.

"Recommendation from Michael Chambers, Aldevron"
"Aldevron manufactures plasmid DNA for research, clinical, and commercial  applications. It is ...

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"Phage Consultants attends Biotechnica in Hannover 8th - 10th October 2013! "
Phage Consultants will exhibit for the first time on Biotechnica event. We are going to promote our ...

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